About Us

My Munchkin Home was born out of an idea during my pregnancy and my desire to make a special room for our new baby. I wanted his first room to be his “first home”. I searched for removable wall stickers though couldn’t find creative designed wall stickers or wall decals that suited.

I always considered a child’s bedroom to be like a sanctuary like no other. It is a place for dreaming, imagination and growth. A place where we as parents go to connect with our children – to play, read stories and wish them goodnight.

Depending on your circumstances, it can often be difficult to create that special space for your child. Many people live in rental properties and are unable to paint or decorate the walls, baby budgets wear thin quickly, and others are just not creatively inclined. It was these obstacles that spurred an innovative idea and inspired the creation of ‘My Munchkin Home’ and our designer removable wall stickers for kids and stickers for nurserys. I also wanted a contemporary and modern look that complemented the décor of the rest of my home, and something that I would be able to change easily as my son moved through the different stages of childhood.

This new and gorgeous range of giant removable wall stickers and wall decals, have been designed to inspire imagination and creativity and provide a beautiful way for you to interact with your child and their surrounds. We love telling our son stories using the wall stickers and we have named our decals and our son now points to them when a name is said.

We have removable wall stickers from Enchanted Tree’s, Birds, Princess Castles, to Pirate Ships, Butterflies to Dinosaurs, there is something for children at all stages – whether your decorating for a new baby or a child who’s ready for a ‘big kids’ room. Our Australian made Giant Removable Wall Stickers / Wall Decals for Trendy Kids will instantly enliven your room!

We hope you love them as much as we do.

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