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Over a period the foundation of the building needs to be taken more care. The soil condition and other natural factors may affect the quality of the foundation, and if the experts feel that the load-bearing capacity of the foundation is being compromised, they need to take prompt action and carry out various processes to restore the strength of the foundation. One of such processes is known as re-blocking. One can also take it as the same process of re-stumping but the difference between both is in the re-stumping there are pillars while in re-blocking whole blocks are replaced.

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In the process of re-blocking all the blocks on which the foundation is fixed need to be changed. It is also a tricky process and hence thorough analysis of the foundation, factors affecting, various aspects of the building and probable damage must be carried out by the qualified engineers and contractors before initiating the process. If required the building also need to be evacuated so that any casualty can be avoided. All the concerned officers such as builder, supervisor, engineer, architect, and planner need to be present while the process of re-blocking is on.

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The significance of the process:

This process is much important under the circumstances when the foundation of the building is at stake. There are some factors responsible for this situation, which are as under:

  • Renovation of the building: In many cases, the old buildings are sold, and the buyer tries to have maximum use of the old structure rather creating a new one. It helps him to save a good amount in terms of money and time. To enhance the strength of the foundation, the re-blocking is an easy and quick option in such cases.
  • To Protect flooring: If due to reasons of rotten foundation or root of a tree, the flooring of the home or building is affected, the re-blocking can help it. One can get it done before the whole flooring is spoiled.
  • To avoid cracks: In case of rotten wood or corroded metal, the stumps or blocks of the foundation get cracks which can increase in numbers and size over a period. It can lead to poor support to the foundation and to avoid such situation one can get the re-blocking done.
  • Uneven flooring: If the material beneath the flooring is of poor or sub-standard quality, the level of flooring can be uneven over a period. In case the stumps are made of wood, they may get rotten, and it can lead to uneven flooring. To avoid this situation, the re-blocking can be a perfect option.
  • Infestation by termites: If the old blocks quality is compromised due to insects such as termites or poor soil quality or pressure of soil, the best way to save the foundation is to go carry out the re-blocking only. It can save the foundation from being weak and a huge monetary damage to the builder also.

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