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From Squeaky Clean to carpet shampooing and water damage repair, we are your full-service carpet maintenance team in Melbourne. We can prolong the life of your carpets items with our steam cleaning services. Powerful truck-mounted equipment is used along with state-of-the-art cleaning products to remove stains, brighten colors and leave fabrics looking like new.

As water has the exclusive ability to penetrate and stain most surfaces and floor covering, a rapid response is essential in case of water damage. Squeaky Clean Carpet Flood Damage Restoration Melbourne services we use our portable /truck mount extraction to prevent more damage to the property. We dry your carpet by using superior drying equipment from the market.

Our clients depend on us to answer their calls early in the morning or late at night, when floods damage their houses and industry. They need help correct away, and we are available 24 hours 7 days, responding to our clients as soon as they call for us. Due to the sheer numbers of residences and businesses requiring main cleanup services and flood restoration, Property Detailing has set up a professional base in the Melbourne and near area.

Cleaning wall-to-wall carpets, we also offer cleaning services for your fine Oriental rugs and contemporary area rugs. Our repair services include stretching, water damage repair, hole repairs and dying sections that have been bleached or stained.

Cleaning all the carpets in your home, we also offer tile cleaning and general house cleaning services to make your property sparkle and shine. When you don’t have the time to clean and scrub your home, call our experienced team to handle these time-consuming chores. If you are preparing for a party or just need cleaning services for your own satisfaction, we are the right restoration team to call.

Offering free estimates, we are here to help you save money by providing quality services at affordable prices. With our help, your carpets and upholstery will last longer and provide you with years of service.

Get The Re-Blocking With Expert Service Providers

Over a period the foundation of the building needs to be taken more care. The soil condition and other natural factors may affect the quality of the foundation, and if the experts feel that the load-bearing capacity of the foundation is being compromised, they need to take prompt action and carry out various processes to restore the strength of the foundation. One of such processes is known as re-blocking. One can also take it as the same process of re-stumping but the difference between both is in the re-stumping there are pillars while in re-blocking whole blocks are replaced.

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In the process of re-blocking all the blocks on which the foundation is fixed need to be changed. It is also a tricky process and hence thorough analysis of the foundation, factors affecting, various aspects of the building and probable damage must be carried out by the qualified engineers and contractors before initiating the process. If required the building also need to be evacuated so that any casualty can be avoided. All the concerned officers such as builder, supervisor, engineer, architect, and planner need to be present while the process of re-blocking is on.

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The significance of the process:

This process is much important under the circumstances when the foundation of the building is at stake. There are some factors responsible for this situation, which are as under:

  • Renovation of the building: In many cases, the old buildings are sold, and the buyer tries to have maximum use of the old structure rather creating a new one. It helps him to save a good amount in terms of money and time. To enhance the strength of the foundation, the re-blocking is an easy and quick option in such cases.
  • To Protect flooring: If due to reasons of rotten foundation or root of a tree, the flooring of the home or building is affected, the re-blocking can help it. One can get it done before the whole flooring is spoiled.
  • To avoid cracks: In case of rotten wood or corroded metal, the stumps or blocks of the foundation get cracks which can increase in numbers and size over a period. It can lead to poor support to the foundation and to avoid such situation one can get the re-blocking done.
  • Uneven flooring: If the material beneath the flooring is of poor or sub-standard quality, the level of flooring can be uneven over a period. In case the stumps are made of wood, they may get rotten, and it can lead to uneven flooring. To avoid this situation, the re-blocking can be a perfect option.
  • Infestation by termites: If the old blocks quality is compromised due to insects such as termites or poor soil quality or pressure of soil, the best way to save the foundation is to go carry out the re-blocking only. It can save the foundation from being weak and a huge monetary damage to the builder also.

For More Information:-  Reblocking Melbourne


Get The Assistance From The Cleaning Group

Duct Cleaning 01
Duct Cleaning 01

With the cleaning group you can fill your heart with joy much casual as you require not stress over how chaotic your home is.There is a specialist group who will deal with it. Just give them the call.

When you are occupied with your life even the cleaning of your own room winds up noticeably one of the monotonous employments. When you are being paid on hourly reason for your work you will feel that it is qualified to burn through one more hour in working than going to home and getting occupied with some cleaning works. You will attempt to maintain a strategic distance from those commonplace works and rather you will love to draw in yourself with your work that will pay you. So all things considered by what means will you be cleaning your home and dealing with all the seemingly insignificant details that do make a difference? Is it true that you are stressed that influencing individuals to do these little works may climb your costs a great deal? All things considered, don’t be! There is a group of specialists who have confidence in bailing you out with all the cleaning stuffs and they don’t charge more.

Duct Cleaning 02
Duct Cleaning 02

In the event that you are in office and you need to clean your home you can really enlist the need of the cleaning group to the focal office of the group.You will discover the points of interest in the web or you can even ring them as you will locate the fundamental postage information and additionally telephone number in the sites itself.If you require the somebody for cleaning the duct you can ring on the Duct Cleaning Melbourne service for the business or you can even ring on the workplace itself for the group. Regardless of whether you need to get them clean your room or simply your air duct they will be doing it for you.

Regardless of whether you require the duct cleaning or curtain cleaning you can really ring them on with an early application. The best piece of exchanging them the whole duties is that they are extremely expert and they do realise that you are their promoting individual. If they do best for you, you will allude more other individuals for their association. Before you contract them for the cleaning and all stuff ensure you make a decent research on their audits. All the cleaning operators might possibly be that a lot of expert to believe them indiscriminately. Spend little more bucks than ordinary yet better contract the person who can really meet your all necessity.

Duct Cleaning 03
Duct Cleaning 03

So what are you sitting tight for? In the event that you can spend few bucks for your cleaning stuff and spare some still you are on benefits. But ensure that you enlist them for the work advising them no less than few days prior.It is so in light of the fact that occasionally they are truly occupied and they won’t have the capacity to give you time on pressing data. At any rate it is certainly astonishing to realise that you can discover somebody who will clean your air duct and keep everything clean before you go to office. Thanks to the group.

What preparations to do before getting your carpet cleaned?

Related imageCarpets take to wear and tear most easily because they are subjected to lots of things on daily basis. Their fibre could wear out over time and they are subjected to stains and spills almost daily. To get rid of all these, you need professional cleaning done for your carpets. But before the cleaners arrive to do their work, you have to do some pre-preparations. Following these steps will make sure that the cleaners can do their job more effectively:


  1. Vacuum the place


    Though the carpet cleaners are going to come and clean your carpets, you need to vacuum your floor once to remove hair, crumbs, and debris.  (If you need to save time, you might want to consider a robot vacuum for hands-free cleaning. Take a look at the best ones here.)  If you do this and keep your carpet ready, the cleaners can easily go directly to deep cleaning. For them, deep carpet cleaning Melbourne becomes possible because you have taken care of the surface already.

  2. List of concerned areas

    Usually, every carpet has specific areas where cleaners need to pay more attention. You should make a note of these areas and tell the cleaners where to concentrate more. There are patched of carpet which looks more run down than the others, while some places have tough stains like wine stains. Point out these areas to the cleaners so that they can bring back your carpet to its original condition.

  3. The furniture

    Furniture 2

    The cleaners will tell you to move the furniture out of the way when they arrive. They will want to cover the maximum floor instead of working their way around the coffee table and side tables. Move all the light weight furniture out of the room. And in case of heavy furniture, push it against the wall. Not just furniture, the carpet needs to be free of toys, showpieces, or any kind of clutter.

  4. Parking area for cleaners

    The carpet cleaners carry their machinery and tools in a truck along with them. So it is advisable to keep the parking or the driveway empty and ready and as near to the house door as possible. This will make unloading and repack the tools for the cleaners a smooth task. They also need to run down hoses and connect the machines to their cars. For this reason, it is necessary for them to have a parking space.

  5. Fragile items


    It is likely that you will have breakable items in your home. You will need to remove them from the room before the cleaners can start. While cleaning the carpet, the whole team would be moving around and could knock off anything anytime. So for safety purpose, it is essential that you remove all the r fragile and breakable items.

  6. Move out

    To let the cleaners do their work in peace and without disturbance, it is better for you to move out of the house on cleaning day. You will also need to remove your pets so that they don’t come in the way.  The kids and pets can get startled due to the loud noise of the machines and so they should be kept out of the house.

Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning
Green Cleaning

At Carpet Cleaning Dover, we’re passionate about green carpet cleaning, and that’s why our mission is to provide all of our customers with acertified green cleaning service at a reasonable price. With over 20 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we believe that a safe green cleaning is no longer a premium service, but a service that all of our customers deserve to enjoy. If you are looking for a safe and effective way to clean your carpet, rug, or upholstery, give us a call for a free estimate today. https://tiptopcleanteam.com.au/carpet-cleaning-brisbane

For a Free Green Cleaning Estimate, give us a call today:

Why Choose Green Carpet Cleaning?

Green Carpet Cleaning
Green Carpet Cleaning

Almost every year we’ve been in business, another well-known carpet cleaning chemical or product is targeted by the EPA due to some level of toxicity. Surprising to most of our customers is the fact that these are not obscure carpet cleaning chemicals, but well-known brands still available on the commercial cleaning market and in your local supermarket or hardware shelves. As recently as 2006, Dupont was urged to remove its Teflon Carpet Protectant from the market, as it was manufactured with PFOA, a chemical that causes cancer, liver damage, and birth defects, according to the EPA.

A similar fate befell Scotch guard in 2001, in use for more than 50 years before being recalled. The unfortunate truth about these chemicals is that they were generally regarded as toxic even beforethey were recalled. In fact, 3M rereleased Scotch guard in 2003 with a new chemical additive, and while they claim it’s safer, the new formula is still regarded as a Persistent Organic Pollutant, meaning that exposure can cause various disorders and poses health concerns.

Why Us?

Carpet Cleaning Dover
Carpet Cleaning Dover

At Carpet Cleaning Dover we don’t feel comfortable exposing ourselves to these chemicals, never mind exposing them to our customers. That’s why we only utilize the safest green carpet cleaning agents and protectants available on the market. In fact, many of our green carpet cleaning solutions contain common household ingredients, such as salt, baking soda, citric acid, antimicrobial salts, and enzyme-based cleaners. There have been huge strides in the green carpet cleaning industry over the past two decades, and we take great pride in making sure our customers receive the safest green carpet cleaning experience.