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Smart Ways To Use Air Conditioner

Installing air conditioner is no more luxury at homes or any other places, having an air conditioner is rather a necessity. Doesn’t matter whether you have a split system or ducted air conditioning system, it’s very difficult to even think about spending summers without the air-conditioners. The afternoon will become hard and long without the relaxing breezes of the air-conditioner.

However, maintaining the air-conditioning system and keeping a track on repairing work is necessary. If you ignore the maintenance work the air-conditioner performance will eventually slow down also the energy consumption by the air condition will increase. Here with the help of we’ve written down some tips and tricks for maintenance of the air conditioner. To go in depth and find the real air-conditioner improving techniques read the following guide.

Cleaning The Air Conditioner

There are various methods available on the internet for coils, vents and filters cleaning. But in practicality, it is better to hire professionals for these work, because they do the work more efficiently. Filter cleaning is relatively easy and also necessary to clean the filters, to start with carefully open the front panel and remove the filters, use brush and running water to clean the filter, remove all the dust which is choking the filter and place the filter correctly. If the filters are dirty, the air conditioner will not blow the air properly also the motor has to work more, in order to reduce energy consumption and increase performance.

Placement Of The Air Conditioner.

The placement and location of the air conditioner must be done consciously. If the air conditioner is placed at the window ensure that curtains are not covering them up, this can cause ice in the cooling system, which results in slow air flow. However, sometimes ice formation occurs due to low refrigerant or refrigerant leakage. Do the placement of the air-conditioner in shades, where sunlight won’t hit the air-conditioner directly. To reduce the energy consumption by the air-conditioner don place the air-conditioner unit near the main AC exhaust.

In the case of split system air-conditioner, placement should be done in the middle area, where the need for cooling is more. The professional air conditioning maintenance services provider has an idea of the air conditioner placement, where you can save more electricity.

AIR Con Repairing
AIR Con Repairing

Keep The Premises Closed While The Air Conditioner Is In Operation.

When the air conditioner works in closed premises the compressor unit works less this makes the air conditioner use less energy and maximum performance. So make sure that when the air conditioner is on, the premises are properly closed and there is no leakage. If possible turn off the air vents of kitchen and bathroom.

However, some other type of air conditioner works better when there is appropriate ventilation in the premises. These type of air-conditioner are heavy duty performer, thus suitable for large and open areas or lobbies. Moreover, for other types of air-conditioner keep the premises locked.

Replace The Ordinary Thermostat With A Smart Thermostat.

Thermostat regulate the temperature according to the conditions, so you don’t have to keep a check on it. A smart thermostat can be managed through smartphones via a web application. This method can be used to minimize the electricity consumption by your air-conditioner, schedule the operational time according to your need. By that way, the air conditioner will turn on and off as per your need.

The thermostat devices are equipped with the latest technologies, such as touch screen panel and wifi connectivity for the more user-friendly experience. The thermostat, when connected to the internet, the thermostat will automatically adjust to the temperature according to the weather outside. Also, it’ll give warning when there’s bad weather or filters needed to change.

Get The Service And Maintenance Done Timely.

To make the most of out of your air conditioner and increase its life, maintain your air conditioner and get the service timely done. Professionals air conditioner repair Perth can channel the air conditioner performance and fix it accordingly. Air conditioning maintenance Perth should be done by an expert professional, the accumulated dust in the air conditioner unit contains dust and fungi, which is dangerous for health, without using precautions air conditioners repairs Perth and air conditioner maintenance Perth should not be done. Only an expert professional air conditioning maintenance services provider is suitable for the job.

You can always count on us and contact any time, we’ll send the best air conditioner repair Perth and air conditioner maintenance Perth team to your house to do the work.  If the air conditioner is not maintained properly it’ll do more harm than good and can be a serious health hazard. At Air Con WA  We make sure the air conditioner in your house functions smoothly so that there would not be any serious health hazard risk to you and your family.

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