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What preparations to do before getting your carpet cleaned?

Related imageCarpets take to wear and tear most easily because they are subjected to lots of things on daily basis. Their fibre could wear out over time and they are subjected to stains and spills almost daily. To get rid of all these, you need professional cleaning done for your carpets. But before the cleaners arrive to do their work, you have to do some pre-preparations. Following these steps will make sure that the cleaners can do their job more effectively:


  1. Vacuum the place


    Though the carpet cleaners are going to come and clean your carpets, you need to vacuum your floor once to remove hair, crumbs, and debris.  (If you need to save time, you might want to consider a robot vacuum for hands-free cleaning. Take a look at the best ones here.)  If you do this and keep your carpet ready, the cleaners can easily go directly to deep cleaning. For them, deep carpet cleaning Melbourne becomes possible because you have taken care of the surface already.

  2. List of concerned areas

    Usually, every carpet has specific areas where cleaners need to pay more attention. You should make a note of these areas and tell the cleaners where to concentrate more. There are patched of carpet which looks more run down than the others, while some places have tough stains like wine stains. Point out these areas to the cleaners so that they can bring back your carpet to its original condition.

  3. The furniture

    Furniture 2

    The cleaners will tell you to move the furniture out of the way when they arrive. They will want to cover the maximum floor instead of working their way around the coffee table and side tables. Move all the light weight furniture out of the room. And in case of heavy furniture, push it against the wall. Not just furniture, the carpet needs to be free of toys, showpieces, or any kind of clutter.

  4. Parking area for cleaners

    The carpet cleaners carry their machinery and tools in a truck along with them. So it is advisable to keep the parking or the driveway empty and ready and as near to the house door as possible. This will make unloading and repack the tools for the cleaners a smooth task. They also need to run down hoses and connect the machines to their cars. For this reason, it is necessary for them to have a parking space.

  5. Fragile items


    It is likely that you will have breakable items in your home. You will need to remove them from the room before the cleaners can start. While cleaning the carpet, the whole team would be moving around and could knock off anything anytime. So for safety purpose, it is essential that you remove all the r fragile and breakable items.

  6. Move out

    To let the cleaners do their work in peace and without disturbance, it is better for you to move out of the house on cleaning day. You will also need to remove your pets so that they don’t come in the way.  The kids and pets can get startled due to the loud noise of the machines and so they should be kept out of the house.

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